Honeymoon Destination in India

Best Honeymoon Destinations In India

The honeymoon is to be the most exciting and precious moments in life. It is remembered for years to come or maybe lifetime experience. Honeymoon meaning a vacation taken by newlywed as an early period of relationship where criticism is not given. So, it’s better to plan your honeymoon well in advance and make the […]

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sindhi wedding ceremony

सिंधी शादी की रस्मे | सिंधी शादी के रिवाज़ | Sindhi Wedding Rituals

सिंधी शादी(Sindhi Wedding) उनकी भव्यता और सब अनुष्ठानों के पालन के लिए अच्छी तरह से जाना जाता है। सिंधी शादी(Sindhi Wedding), सूफी रीति-रिवाजों और हिंदू अनुष्ठानों  का मिश्रण है| इसीलिए सिंधी समुदाय को सनातन हिंदू भी कहा जाता है| Sindhi Pre Wedding Rituals कच्ची मिश्री और पक्की  मिश्री यह सिंधी शादी(Sindhi Wedding) में शादी की […]

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rajput wedding rituals

राजपूत शादी की रस्मे | राजपूत शादी के रिवाज़ | Rajput Wedding Rituals

राजपूत शादी(Rajput Wedding) की परंपरा मुख्य रूप से भव्यता के लिए जानी जाती है|  राजा और रानी के समय से ही इन परंपराओं का बहुत सख्ती से पालन किया जाता रहा है|   प्रत्येक परंपरा का अपना महत्व है| राजपूत शाही व्यंजनों, शाही मिठाई और पीने के बहुत शौकीन है| इसीलिए राजपूत शादी (Rajput Wedding) में सूखे […]

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Tips for successful marriage

Successful Marriage Tips | Secret of Successful Marriage

A successful marriage can be made by mutual understanding and cooperation only. If the couple understands each other well and cooperates with each other in every condition, then they can solve every problem. Husband and wife are like two wheels of the cart, if the balance between the wheels varies, then the carriage can go […]

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top wedding photographers for pre wedding photoshoot

Best Wedding Photographers in India

Wedding Photographers are one of the important parts of any Indian Wedding because they capture the best moments of your special day which remains with you for your lifetime. Wedding photographers shoot all the activities related to weddings. It covers photographs of the couple prior to marriage as well as of the wedding and reception. Moments […]

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wedding card designs | Shadi Card Design

Wedding Card Designs and Matter

Years ago the families used to appoint messenger who took invitation for wedding to kith and kin of the family. Nowadays, these invitation cards are being given most importance. It’s being considered that the marriage cards not only reflect the status of the family but class as well. To give personal touch to the invitation […]

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Punjabi Wedding Rituals

What Is Marriage | What is Shadi

Friends, all your questions related to marriage will be cleared on shadi ki website. What is marriage, why marriage is must, we will tell you through shadi ki website. Often people have a question whether it is necessary to marry or why marriage is necessary and those who accept that we have to get married […]

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Wedding Gift Ideas

Best Wedding Gift For Wife

A wedding is the most awaited event of anyone’s life. It is the day of unification of two souls into one with the promise of keeping the bond alive for eternity with love, care and affection. It is a very special yet emotional moment for a girl when she turns into a wife. So to […]

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best gift for couples

Wedding Gifts For Couple

With the wedding season knocking on the door, you must prepare yourself with a list of items that you can give away as a wedding gifts for couple. It is better to be prepared now then fret over what to give as a wedding gifts for couple. Gifting to a boy or girl is easier […]

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Wedding Gifts for a Groom

Best Wedding Gifts For A Husband

Weddings call for paramount celebration, it is the uniting of two souls who come from two different families and lives. It is the point where two lives entwine and come together as one. Getting to know one another can cause the new journey to be smoother. Weddings are the beginning of a new path to […]

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