indian wedding dance

Indian Wedding Games । Romantic Games For Couples

In the marriage, it is not just the boy and the girl who gets bonded but also the entire family. To increase this bonding and to make these beautiful moments etched permanently in your memories, there should be some special programs. The most perfect choice would be the Indian wedding games. By engaging in the new wedding games that are being invented every day, the stress that has become the part of every marriage function would be greatly reduced. Most of the people come as couples to the wedding. If the wedding games for couples are arranged, you can see the people participating with full enthusiasm. 

These Romantic Games for Couples will definitely attract more and more couples.

  • Test Your Partner
  • Your Wife’s Belongings
  • Paper Dance
  • Play Together
  • Make Your Wife Beautiful

Test your partner । Couple compatablity test

indian wedding games
indian wedding games

This can be a game in which the couples can test their compatibility. A host will ask the same sets of questions to each of the couples. The couple with maximum similar answers will be given some titles like “ Best couple of the event “ etc.

Your Wife’s Belongings

wife belongings
wife belongings

The wife can keep any of her belongings like her jewel, clips or her clutches, handkerchiefs etc on a wedding game table. The husband has to find the one which belongs to his wife. The one who knows his wife well would find it easy to win the game.

Paper Dance Game

indian wedding dance
Indian wedding dance

This game would be loved by many couples. A sheet of paper is spread on the floor and the couple is made to dance on it. The couple who come out of the paper would be disqualified. The paper is folded and the couple is made to dance on the reduced size. The game is continued by folding the sheet at each round. The final couple will be the winner.

Play Together

Some kind of competition in which the couples participate as a team can be conducted. For example, the host will say a song to one of the couples and the other has to find. The winner will be announced at the end.

Make your wife beautiful

The husbands can be asked to put makeup on their wives by blindfolding their eyes. They are provided with all the materials. The one who has done his part would be given his gift. The funny names such as Marriage Games Dress up can be given to the games to ensure maximum participation from the couples.


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