top wedding photographers for pre wedding photoshoot

Best Wedding Photographers in India

Wedding Photographers are one of the important parts of any Indian Wedding because they capture the best moments of your special day which remains with you for your lifetime. Wedding photographers shoot all the activities related to weddings. It covers photographs of the couple prior to marriage as well as of the wedding and reception. Moments […]

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Honeymoon Destination in India

Best Honeymoon Destinations In India

The honeymoon is to be the most exciting and precious moments in life. It is remembered for years to come or maybe lifetime experience. Honeymoon meaning a vacation taken by newlywed as an early period of relationship where criticism is not given. So, it’s better to plan your honeymoon well in advance and make the […]

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indian wedding games

Indian Wedding Games For The Bride And Groom

Ask any of your friends about the best moment in his life. His answer would be definitely Weddings. On this wonderful occasion, the bride and groom take vows to remain together for the entire life. Looking at this, the whole family will be filled with loads and tons of joys. In the marriage, it is […]

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Roka Ceremony

Roka Ceremony

Indian weddings are like festive seasons, celebrated and enjoyed with love, fun, music & dance and are followed by various rituals and ceremonies as per the community. These wedding rituals and ceremonies are classified into three classes- the pre-wedding ceremonies, the wedding ceremonies and the post wedding ceremonies. Pre Wedding Ceremonies (the ceremonies which are […]

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indian wedding invitation wording

Best Indian Wedding Invitation Wording For Daughter

A Perfect Wedding Invitation Message Once you finalize your wedding invitation card design, you may feel so relaxed and relieved. My job is done is it really so. The answer is a no because in the other second you realize that you are yet to finalize wedding invitation wording and send it to the wedding […]

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arranged marriage first meeting

How to Judge In First Meeting In Arranged Marriage

Arranged marriages have been an age-old practice in India and it is a long process. The first meeting of the bride and groom, the first meeting of the two families, the first familiarization, the first impressions everything happens in a day’s time that determines the path of the future of the two very different but […]

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Mehndi songs list

Best Mehndi Songs lyrics । Wedding Mehndi Songs

Best Mehndi Songs List Mehndi Laga Ke Rakhna from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge Zara Dholki Bajao Goriyo Adnan Sami Mehndi Ki Raat By Junaid Jamshed Mehndi Rache Gea Tere Haath by Hadiqa Qiyani Mehndi Ni Mehndi (mehndi songs in punjabi) Mehndi songs akshara (mehndi raachan lagi ) Mehndi Dance Songs । Mehndi Ceremony Songs Bumbro […]

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Best shadi songs

Shadi Songs List Of Wedding Songs Hindi 2021

Selecting A best Hindi wedding songs for marriage is as typical as choosing the right life partner for marriage. And Those Who Are getting Married These years love to dance on 19s shadi songs. So let we shortlist a List Of Wedding Songs Hindi and make your memories beautiful 🙂 Sangeet Songs, Mehendi Songs, Engagement […]

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Ladies Sangeet Songs

Ultimate Playlist of Punjabi Dholki Songs for Brideside

Punjabis are fun loving people so their weddings are. Punjabi Weddings are full of lots of masti, drama, fun and music-dance of-course. Any Punjabi Wedding is incomplete without many wedding traditions like Mehndi, Dholki Ladies Sangeet, Jago and they are incomplete without punjabi marriage songs. All these Punjabi Wedding Traditions are total fun and entertainment […]

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Punjabi traditional songs

Punjabi Dholki Songs Lyrics, munde de viah de geet lyrics in punjabi, punjabi ghodiyan for boy marriage lyrics

An Indian Wedding can’t be imagined without Dholak wala Ladies Sangeet. Dholki Ladies Sangeet Ceremony is full of music, dance, lot of humor, masti and fun. Ladies Sangeet (Mahila Sangeet) is celebrated at Bride’s as well as Groom’s house.   Traditional Punjabi Dholki Songs (शादी के गाने) Lyrics are very helpful in Ladies Sangeet, here you […]

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