best gift for couples

Wedding Gifts For Couple

With the wedding season knocking on the door, you must prepare yourself with a list of items that you can give away as a wedding gifts for couple. It is better to be prepared now then fret over what to give as a wedding gifts for couple. Gifting to a boy or girl is easier […]

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Wedding Gifts for a Groom

Best Wedding Gifts For A Husband

Weddings call for paramount celebration, it is the uniting of two souls who come from two different families and lives. It is the point where two lives entwine and come together as one. Getting to know one another can cause the new journey to be smoother. Weddings are the beginning of a new path to […]

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Wedding Gifts for a groom

Wedding Gifts For a Groom

Weddings bells bring a lot of celebrations along with the power of an upcoming unity. This occasion packs a lot of colours, fun, frolic and the first memories that start off the happy married life. With such moments to start of a new life, wedding gifts for the groom is an everlasting dilemma one needs […]

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Wedding Gift Ideas

20 Beautiful Wedding Gifts From The Groom To The Bride

The tradition of exchange of gifts between the bride and groom is becoming very common and trendy. We can say it as an optional tradition. The groom may gift anything to the bride that he feels appropriate before the wedding day. Gift doesn’t necessarily mean something grand and costly. Everything that matters is the emotions […]

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Sindhi Wedding Rituals

Sindhi Wedding Rituals | Wedding Rituals Of Sindhis

Sindhi wedding are best known for their grandeur and their strict rituals. Sindhi wedding rituals are a blend of Sufi and Hindu rituals. These are some of the oldest followed rituals in Hindu religion. Hence, Sindhi Community is also called Sanatani Hindus. Pre Wedding Rituals Kachchi Misri and Pakki Misri This is the beginning of […]

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kashmiri wedding traditions

Kashmiri Wedding Rituals | Kashmiri Wedding Ceremony | Kashmiri Wedding Traditions

In the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, wedding is the celebration of tradition and beauty. Kashmiri wedding are a thing to behold, with the bride and groom resplendent in tasteful traditional dresses with breathtaking handmade embroidery and fabrics at their best. Lets get in to the details of this epic beautiful Kashmiri wedding marriages are proposed […]

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telugu wedding rituals , telugu wedding cards , telugu wedding songs, telugu wedding wishes, telugu wedding saree

Telugu Wedding Rituals Step By Step | Telugu Wedding Ceremony

Telugu Wedding Ceremony Colourful and vibrant, the richness of a Telugu wedding is unparalleled. With  gaudy decorations with a simpleton  appreciation of love and affection, the wedding takes course in a hefty affair of 7 days which previously used to last for 15 days. The modernized affair, sprinkles colour to the down to earth wedding […]

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gujarati customs and traditions

The Big Fat Gujarati wedding Rituals | Gujarati Wedding Ceremony

Indian weddings take us by the storm by showcasing grace and joy all at once. With a colorful showcase of what brings two families together, people are left in awe of the gravity in which weddings are celebrated. All weddings have a certain charm and anonymity to them, what gets Gujarati wedding apart is its […]

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rituals of christian marriage

Christian Wedding Rituals | Christian Wedding Ceremony

Christian wedding has always been exciting and interesting. When u asks a girl child to imagine about her wedding, she dreams of a white gown and a beautiful veil because that is the way how fairy-tales are portrayed. More and more people remain to be interested in marrying according to the Christian norms for the […]

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maharashtrian wedding rituals

Marathi Wedding Ceremony | Marathi Wedding Rituals

Marathi weddings are known for their cuisines, dance and enjoyment. Marathi weddings are full of colours and a variety of spicy dishes in the menu. However, Marathi weddings are best known for their simplicity and no-drama wedding rituals. There are no insignificant elongated rituals and ceremonies. Pre wedding Rituals Sakhar Puda This is the formal […]

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