Gujrati Wedding Rituals Details

Wedding Rituals Of India । Indian Wedding Rituals

The term wedding rituals comprise of two words Weddings and Rituals. Weddings are in general, the celebration of love and commitment, and it can also be a called as a celebration of religion and culture. Rituals, in general, may be described as traditions. Basically, a series of activities is called a Ritual, this series of activities may include words or gestures.

So we may say that wedding Rituals is a sequence of few activities that is performed in a prescribed manner on the occasion of a wedding.

However Indian Weddings are not only about inviting guests, making arrangements, and entertainment, it’s beyond all these things. An Indian Wedding is not only a bond of two hearts but it’s a bond of two families. In Indian weddings, families play a key and foremost role. Rituals and Ceremonies are primary and essential part of any wedding.

Wedding Rituals
Wedding Rituals in India

We will take you on a wedding tour of India where we will come across of all wedding rituals being followed by different communities like Hindu, Punjabi, Kashmiri and Marathi in India. In any Wedding, wedding Rituals can be divided in to three categories and these are:

  • Pre Wedding Rituals
  • Wedding Rituals
  • Post Wedding Rituals

Pre Wedding Rituals are an important and essential part of the Indian Wedding ceremonies. Prior to the main wedding day, a number of rituals and ceremonies are performed as per community norms. These rituals and ceremonies differ from community to community or race to race. Few of the important pre wedding rituals are tilak, mehendi, sangeet and haldi.

Wedding Day rituals have their own importance. Indian Wedding ceremonies are sophisticated and no doubt are time-consuming. One of the main wedding day rituals is Saptapati, where the bride and the groom, both take marriage vow at the same time as they complete the seven rounds around the holy fire together. Meanwhile, the priest chants the mantras.

Even after completing the main wedding day rituals, some rituals and ceremonies are left. These left over rituals form as post wedding rituals. Few of the Post Wedding Rituals are Vidaai, Griha Pravesh, Mooh Dikhai, Reception and Pag Phera.


Punjabi Wedding Rituals

Now let’s start we with a Punjabi Wedding, Punjabi weddings are filled of music, dance, fun and lot of entertainment. As Punjabis are fun-loving people as their wedding are full of fun and masti. Punjabi weddings are rich in ceremonies & each and every single ceremony is celebrated to its fullest.

Movies like Band,Baaja, Baaraat, Tanu weds Manu and 2 states have projected Punjabi Weddings in a manner that today, Punjabi weddings have become very much synonymous to ‘Indian’ weddings. This is the reason that why Punjabi weddings happen to very trendy and fashionable all over the world now a days.

Punjabi Wedding Rituals
Punjabi Wedding Ceremony

But do you know the exact names, their nature and sequence of all the Punjabi Wedding Rituals. We will give you a clear picture and a small description about the various Punjabi wedding rituals.

Punjabi Pre Wedding Rituals

  • Roka
  • Sagan and Chunni chadai
  • Engagement Ceremony
  • Mehendi and Sangeet Ceremony

Punjabi Wedding Day Rituals

  • Jago
  • Gana bandhna
  • Chooda Chadana
  • Kalire Ceremony
  • Haldi ceremony
  • Ghari Gharoli
  • Sehrabandi and ghudchadai
  • Agwaani and Milni
  • Varmala or Jaimala
  • Kanyadaan
  • Mangal Phere
  • Lajahom
  • Sindoor Daan
  • Joota Chupai

Punjabi Post Wedding Rituals

  • Vidaai
  • Pani Bharna
  • Mooh Dikhai
  • Grand Reception Party
  • Pag Phera

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Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals Details

Marathi weddings are full of rituals that are relatively simple yet exciting. Most of the Maharashtrian wedding Rituals are conducted during the day. The Maharashtrian wedding process begins with matching the horoscopes of both, bride’s and groom’s. If everything is okay with regard to their horoscopes match, an auspicious date is finalized for the wedding ceremony.

Marathi Wedding Rituals
Marathi Wedding Rituals

However few of the rituals may vary according to the customs and beliefs of the communities, here are some important Maharashtrian wedding rituals.

Maharashtrian Pre wedding Rituals

  • Sakhar Puda
  • Muhurt Karane
  • Kelvan
  • Halad Chadavane

Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals

  • Ganpati Puja
  • Punyahvachan
  • Devdevak
  • The Seeman Puja
  • Gurihar Puja
  • Antarpat
  • Sankalp
  • Kanyadaan
  • Satapadhi
  • Karmasampati

Maharashtrian Post Wedding Rituals

  • Varat
  • Grihapravesh
  • Reception

To read more on Maharashtrian Wedding Rituals, visit Marathi Wedding Ceremony । Marathi Wedding Rituals

Bengali Wedding Rituals

Bengali Weddings are very lively, full of color and energy. Bengali Weddings are visual delight, those who have witnessed a Bengali wedding would certainly agree with this. Bengali Weddings like most Indian weddings are a mixture of traditional rituals and customs with a feel of modernity.

However the bride and groom take Wedding vows but a Bengali Wedding in reality is a union of two families. Bengali wedding rituals not only unite the bride & groom but their families as well.

Bengali Wedding Rituals Details
Bengali Wedding Rituals

Here we share with you some vital & important Bengali Wedding traditions and rituals.

Bengali Pre Wedding Rituals

  • Adan pradan
  • Aashirvad
  • Ai Budo Bhaat
  • Dodhi mangal (Adhibas)
  • Nandi mukh
  • Tattva, gae holud and snan
  • Sankha and Pola

Bengali Wedding Rituals

  • Bor Jatri and Bor Baran
  • Saat Paak and Subho Drishti
  • Mala Badal
  • Sampradan
  • Sindoor Daan and Ghomta

Bengali Post Wedding Rituals

  • Basar Ghar
  • Bashi Biye
  • Bou Bhaat and Reception
  • SubhoChandi Satyanarayan Pujo
  • Oshto Mangala

Sindhi Wedding Rituals

Sindhi weddings normally engage a number of rituals and traditions with lot of fun, masti and happiness. While the fun element is ubiquitous in any Sindhi wedding, rituals and traditions have equal importance. Sindhi weddings replicate a perfect mix of Sufism and Hinduism.

sindhi wedding Rituals
sindhi wedding Rituals

Let’s take a look on Sindhi wedding Rituals.

Sindhi Pre Wedding Rituals

  • Kachchi Misri and Pakki Misri
  • Berana Satsang and Dev Bithana
  • Lada and Tih
  • Wanwas
  • Mehandi and Sangeet
  • Ghari and Navgrahi Puja Ceremonies

Sindhi Wedding Rituals

  • Haldi
  • Garo Dhago
  • Baarat
  • Swagat
  • Paon Dhulai
  • Jaimala
  • Palli-Pallo
  • Hathialo
  • Kanyadaan
  • Phera
  • Saptapadi

Sindhi Post Wedding Rituals

  • Vidaai
  • Datar
  • Salt Shagun
  • Chhanar
  • Sataurah
  • Gadjani

Rujput Wedding Rituals

You will see a lot of diversity in Indian wedding ceremonies. Different sections of country follow different rituals and traditions; however, the core meaning of all these is same–blessings and prosperity for the newlywed couple.

A Rajput wedding is full of life. Beautiful & colorful arrangements and luxurious traditional clothes are an integral part of Rajput Wedding. The movie Jodha Akbar has shown stunning and elegant Rajput traditional dresses and jewellery worn out by Aishwarya Rai. In any Rajput wedding, you will see all the ladies wearing their traditional dress with authentic and traditional jewelry.

Rajput-Wedding-Rituals Details


Rajput Pre Wedding Rituals

  • Tilak
  • Ganpati Sthapana
  • Pithi dastoor
  • Mahira dastoor
  • Janev ceremony
  • Palla dastoor
  • Rajput baarat

Rajput Wedding Rituals

  • Phere
  • Varmala
  • Kanyaadaan

Rajput Post Wedding Rituals

  • Bidaai
  • Grihapravesh
  • Pagelagni
  • Reception

Christian Wedding Rituals

Christian weddings are mostly known for their simplicity and aesthetics. But did you know, apart from justthe church and the isle there are a several other very interesting wedding rituals in a Christian wedding which are completely different from those of the Hindu weddings. Like other communities, Christian wedding also has a wide range of pre and post wedding rituals.

Christian Wedding Rituals Details

Christian wedding can be customized by you, but at the same a Christian wedding must reflect joy, respect, celebration, love and dignity & worship.

Shadikiwebsite will explicate you about everything you must know with reference to a Christian Wedding.

Christian Pre-Wedding Rituals

  • Engagement Ceremony
  • Bridal Shower Ceremony
  • Bachelor party
  • Roce ceremony

Christian Wedding Rituals

  • Parents take their seats
  • Welcoming the bride
  • The wedding mass
  • The wedding Vows
  • Solemnizing of the marriage

Christian Post-Wedding Rituals

  • Reception
  • The Dance

Gujrati Wedding Rituals

Wedding rituals differ from each place. People are bound together all over India by a variety of beliefs that still ground them to their motherland, Gujarat showcases the beauty of these beliefs a tad bit extravagantly beautifying the entire aspect of the occasion.

Weddings are considered holy, hence termed ’holy matrimony’! These weddings rituals are categorized as pre-wedding rituals, wedding rituals and post wedding rituals.

Gujrati Wedding Rituals Details
Gujrati Wedding Rituals

One might feel a bit overwhelmed but, the Gujuratis go all in, in showering love to bless the bond being created.

The listing below these wedding rituals in the aforesaid divisions:

Gujarati Pre Wedding Rituals

  • Chadlo Malti
  • Gol Dhana/ Gor Dhana
  • Mandap Mahurat
  • Griha Shanti
  • Mehndi
  • Sanji
  • Pithi
  • Mosalu

Gujarati Wedding Rituals

  • Varghado
  • Jaimala
  • Madhuparka
  • Mangal Pheras
  • Kansar

Gujarati Post Wedding Rituals

  • Chero Pakyo
  • Ghar nu laxmi

Telugu Wedding Rituals

Colourful and vibrant, the richness of a Telugu wedding is unparalleled. The modernized affair, sprinkles colour to the down to earth wedding rituals. The wedding rituals however tell a story of their own and shed light to the culture of this community that it proudly represents.

Just like many others, the wedding rituals are divided into 3 segments as : pre wedding rituals, wedding rituals and post wedding rituals, listing the following in the same manner:

Telugu Pre Wedding Rituals

  • Muhurtham
  • Pendlikuthuru
  • Snathakam
  • Mangalsnanam
  • Gauri  pooja and Ganesha pooja

Telugu Wedding Day Rituals

  • Kanyadaanam
  • Madhuparkam
  • Sthaalipakkam

Telugu Wedding Day Rituals

  • Mangalasootaram

Kashmiri Wedding Rituals

In the beautiful valleys of Kashmir, wedding is the celebration of tradition and beauty. Kashmiri wedding are a thing to behold, with the bride and groom resplendent in tasteful traditional dresses with breathtaking handmade embroidery and fabrics at their best.

Kashmiri Pre Wedding Rituals

  • Vichnigasun
  • Vanna or Formal Engagement
  • Maenziraat

Kashmiri Wedding Rituals

  • Departure of the Groom
  • Welcoming of the Groom
  • Lagan
  • Posh puza

Kashmiri Post Wedding Rituals

  • Fun and Games
  • Vidaai
  • Welcoming of the bride
  • Saatraat
  • Phirlath
  • Roth Khabar
  • Ghar Atchum



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