Honeymoon Destination in India

Best Honeymoon Destinations In India

The honeymoon is to be the most exciting and precious moments in life. It is remembered for years to come or maybe lifetime experience. Honeymoon meaning a vacation taken by newlywed as an early period of relationship where criticism is not given. So, it’s better to plan your honeymoon well in advance and make the most of it. The honeymoon is an accumulation of your wedding and just like you plan your wedding, plan your honeymoon well in advance and have a gala time. Honeymoon places best of the experiences for the lifetime. We bet no matter how many times you travel after your marriage, but honeymoon trip will always be the best one.

Honeymoon Destination in India
Honeymoon Destinations India

Planning for Honeymoon Destinations

Every newlywed makes the plan for honeymoon tour to be exciting and unique. It is your time to make out the best of everything and try new things. Many of the couples save money on their wedding but spend more on the honeymoon as the lifetime experience. Before you choose the destination for your honeymoon, know what you and your partner will enjoy. Decide whether you want a romantic destination with places to visit and coffee shops or you would like a gateway with a lot of adventure activities or else you want some enjoyment at any beach area.

Once you have decided this, keep in mind other associated factors for a destination like freezing temperature or too hot temperature to do any activities. We recommend to hire the agent for the bookings of traveling and accommodation for your honeymoon. They have the honeymoon packages that will you the best of your trip. One of the best benefit the couple can get through the online or agent booking is they provide the additional perks like honeymoon suite and honeymoon room decorations in hotel.

So, what comes to your mind when you think of places for honeymoon? The answer would probably be the abroad with the all the list of honeymoon places in world like Paris, Malaysia, Hong Kong and many more. Many won’t believe, but yes! Honeymoon places of India does offer a variety of stunning and breath-taking gateway destinations for newlywed couples in love; we bring you the honeymoon places in India in low budget.


The beautiful snow-capped hill station, known as “Bugyal” by locals, lies on the way to Badrinath. You should try your hands-on skiing with slopes over 2500 to 3000 meters high if you are an adventure lover. Auli is famous for the world’s highest human-made lake, which is situated right next to the private hotel, Clifftop Club. It is one of the honeymoon best destination in India.

Honeymoon Destinations India
Auli_Honeymoon Destinations India

Jammu and Kashmir

Wouldn’t be it romantic to steal the opportunity of embracing up with your better half, in front of the fireplace as the temperature dips outside in the cool hill station. There is nothing more enormous or serene than the snow-covered Gulmarg. Kashmir is indeed a heaven on earth, and this makes this destination honeymoon the best place. You must experience the Gondola ride, which is considered Asia’s highest and longest cable car project, must not be missed if you plan a honeymoon in Gulmarg.Kashmir is one of the topmost honeymoon places in India.

Jammu and Kashmir_Honeymoon Destinations India
Jammu and Kashmir_Honeymoon Destinations India


The land of sun, sand, and sea is considered one of the best honeymoon destinations in the world. It is the land of fun and couples will find a lot of options for water activities in sports. There are lot many things a newlywed couple can enjoy together like nightlife, Goan food, Shopping, beaches, and much more. You could make plans to stay in any of honeymoon resort in goa for the comfortable stay and luxurious stay.

Honeymoon Wedding Destinations
Goa-Honeymoon Wedding Destinations


God’s own country is a paradise for honeymooners; the backwaters in Kerala are a unique web of lakes, canals, and rivers. The best thing the newlywed couple can do is to enjoy the honeymoon in traditional Kerala style by hiring the houseboat and are offered in honeymoon package for Kerala. The state provides a lot of activities like boat rides, boat houses, beaches, water sports, temples, and traditional Kerala food. Though, we recommend staying in houseboats when in Kerala but those who don’t wish to stay in that, can opt for comfortable honeymoon resorts in Kerala.

Honeymoon Wedding Destinations India
Kerala-Honeymoon Wedding Destinations

Lakshadweep Islands

It would be wonderful to celebrate the new beginning of life by booking the cozy beach cottages in the smallest union territory of India – Lakshadweep. You will experience bluish-green tinge beaches and white sands in the land that offers Island hopping, beaches, coral reefs, water sports, scuba diving, and snorkeling. It is surely the unique and the honeymoon best place in India.

Lakshadweep Honeymoon Destinations India
Lakshadweep Honeymoon Destinations India


There are many honeymoon spots in Indiafor every season; we have stated the top 5 famous destination of India. The other places you may want to check are Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Munnar (this is best visited in rainy season), Gangtok, and hills station (these are recommended in winters to enjoy the snow and related activities). You will have hard time to choose one of honeymoon destinations in India.You will be surprised to get the best out of the honeymoon packages cheapest deals that India has to offer.


Honeymoon Wedding Checklist

We would advice you to plan and make the checklist for your wedding and honeymoon. These are the lifetime experiences, and one should make the list even for the smallest of things. You should plan ahead but also remember that there can be last minute changes in the plan; so, you don’t need to panic about it. Planning will make sure that you have everything ready and are prepared totally to enjoy every bit if your new beginning of life. Apart from the deciding the destination, you also need to plan for honeymoon night dress, things to do differently to make it memorable and also not to miss honeymoon gift for your partner.

You may also want to google about the trending honeymoon ideas that are placed on various blogs and websites.

You have decided to begin the new chapter of your life, we recommend to check various honeymoon website that provide you the plenty of details for honeymoon hotels in hill stations or if you decide to have honeymoon on beach.


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