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Shadi card design and Matter, Wedding Card Designs and Matter (English)

Years ago the families used to appoint messenger who took invitation for wedding to kith and kin of the family. Nowadays, these invitation cards are being given most importance. It’s being considered that the marriage cards not only reflect the status of the family but class as well. To give personal touch to the invitation cards, the family selects a card; customize it as per their requirements.

It doesn’t matter in which beautiful form the family will send the invitation; it may be an old style like post, an email or as a poster, the invitation needs to express and share some vital information. Who is sending the invitation? What type of invitation is that? The timings and location for the invitation are to be shared. How the family express and share this information may articulate everything from values to the kind of wedding. But an invitation in its basic form is still nothing more or less, a simple means of sharing information.

Marriage Card Designs


As you all know, it’s not an easy job to choose a wedding card sample. Moreover the designing part is also not easy. There will already be a lot of work at home at the time of marriage; if one has to work on wedding card matter then it becomes more difficult.

As you must have seen, matter of many wedding cards is in Hindi so cards can be written in Hindi and in English as well. Nowadays, Hindi Wedding Card Matter Software is also available online from which you can prepare a quick wedding matter.

Marriage Card Designs

Except the card design, the invitation wordings also play an important role in wedding invitation. The words are not mere the words as these words will represent your warmth and love to your relatives and loved ones.

On top of the marriage card, people often like to have their photo or wedding card logo of God, Guru or whoever is reverend of their religion.

Wedding Card Mater Format

  1. First of all, the photo or logo of God.
  2. The name of the bride and groom with their family names.
  3. It is a good idea to provide their home address and their phone number. A phone number proves to be profitable, which is helpful for guests who are coming from outside. while deciding on Wedding Cards matter, the most important thing is to keep in mind that people must have or must know the address of where they are being invited.  At times it is found that there are some areas where Google Map cannot be accessed, so, a map at the end of the card (Google Map / Raste Ka Map) can of great help for your relatives. The method to print the map is to see a place nearby the location in Google Map, so that your guests can see the map of the streets through the google map and can reach your place or residence where there is a wedding.
  4. A wedding Invitation must include the ceremonies for which the guests are being invited.
  5. Time , date and location for each and every ceremony must be shared as well.

The price of the wedding card ranges from Rs. 60 to Rs.6000, so you can see and choose accordingly.

Marriage Card Designs

Nowadays, the marriage cards are being sent through digital media in which you can send wedding card to your friends via Facebook. Wedding card design images can be found very easily on Google.

You also get digital templates online, from which you can create digital wedding cards yourself.

moreove,r you can easily find online wedding card maker. These wedding card makers nowadays also sent wedding cards orders through courier at their home.

wedding card matter in hindi
wedding card matter in hindi

Shadi Card Matter in hindi

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