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Trendy Christian Wedding Ceremony and Rituals To Enjoy

Christian wedding has always been exciting and interesting. When u ask a girl child to imagine about her wedding, she dreams of a white gown and a beautiful veil because that is the way how fairy-tales are portrayed. More and more people remain to be interested in marrying according to the Christian norms for the fact that most of the fairy tales, Hollywood romance movies show Christian weddings.

Christian weddings are mostly known for their simplicity and aesthetics. But did you know, apart from just the church and the isle there are several other very interesting wedding rituals in a Christian wedding which are completely different from those of Hindu weddings? Like other communities, Christian wedding also has a wide range of pre and post-wedding rituals.

All the elements mentioned here need not be included in your wedding ceremony. Even The Bible doesn’t furnish that what should be included and what not or what should be the exact order, so there’s scope for adding your creativity.  You may change the array and append your creativity to add-on some magic factor in your wedding.

Christian Wedding Rituals
Christian Wedding Rituals

Christian wedding can be customized by you, but at the same, a Christian wedding must reflect joy, respect, celebration, love and dignity & worship.

Shadikiwebsite will explicate you about everything you must know with reference to a Christian Wedding.

Pre-Wedding Rituals

  • Engagement Ceremony
  • Bridal Shower Ceremony
  • Bachelor party
  • Roce ceremony

Wedding Rituals

  • Parents take their seats
  • Welcoming the bride
  • The wedding mass
  • The Wedding Vows
  • Solemnizing of the marriage

Post-Wedding Rituals

  • Reception
  • The Dance

Christian wedding ceremony- Pre-Wedding Rituals

Christian Pre Wedding Ceremony include following rituals:


After a formal proposal, the date for a formal engagement ceremony is decided through family discussions. Rings are exchanged accompanied by various gifts and jewellery from both the sides.

Bridal shower

Bridal Shower is also known as Hen Party. This ceremony is meant for the bride. Bride’s friends and cousins might throw a party for the bride, keeping in mind only her favorites and choices. Usually bride’s friends and well-wishers are invited as guests. This party is meant only for the girls and women. Generally men don’t attend bridal showers.

Bridal Shower-Christian Wedding Rituals
Bridal Shower-Christian Wedding Rituals

Usually, a guest invited for bridal shower is also invited for the wedding ceremony as well.

Bachelor Party

Just like a hen party is organized for the Bride by her friends and cousins, a bachelor’s party is organized for the groom as well by his family and friends. A bachelor’s party is considered to be the last party that a groom enjoyed before his marriage as a bachelor. This event is meant only for the groom. The groom’s friends and cousins might throw him a party keeping in mind his considerations. This party is meant only for men.

According to the traditions and norms, a bachelor’s party should start by raising a toast. A toast is raised for the groom’s happy married life.

Roce ceremony

This Roce Ceremony is similar to the Hindu Haldi ceremony. Both, the bride and groom at their respective homes take a ritualistic bath.  Friends and family apply oils and perfumes or coconut juice or roce to the bride/groom’s head, hands, feet, etc.

After this, the bride and groom take a bath. A roce prayer is sung and then dinner with drinks is offered to the guests.


Wedding Ceremony photos also took a lot of time so most of the photos are taken prior to the wedding ceremony.

Christian wedding ceremony-Wedding rituals

Parents take their seats

The presence of grandparents and parents at the wedding ceremony makes the ceremony more special. They shower blessings on the couple.

In honor of guests, the processional music is played. The music is played in the following seating sequence:

  1. the Groom’s grandmother
  2. the Bride’s grandmother
  3. the Groom’s parents
  4. the Bride’s mother

Welcoming the bride

In Christian Wedding traditions, the priest blesses the bride’s dress on the morning of the wedding day, before she wears it. She arrives at the church followed by her family and is guided into the church by the best man of the groom.

The wedding mass

On the day of wedding, before the actual ceremony, a special wedding mass is held. Prayers and hymns are sung, bible is read and the priest renders the sermons.

The wedding Vows

The actual wedding rituals start after the mass. The bride and the groom take wedding vows and speak them allowed following the priest as per christian wedding traditions. In India, the priest mostly decides the vows and the bride and the groom utter the word & vows after the priest. They promise each other to be by their side through all the phases of life until death does them apart.

Solemnizing of the marriage

The wedding rings are exchanged and they are asked to ‘seal’ it with a kiss. (This might or might not happen in all cases though).  The rings are usually gold bands and wore in ring finger of left hand by bride and groom. The priest declares them Husband and Wife and gives them blessings. The couple walks down from the dais to seek blessings from family and relatives.

Christian wedding ceremony-Post wedding rituals


After the wedding is solemnized, the newlywed couple along with all the guests move to a banquet hall for the wedding feast. The feast begins with the cake cutting by the husband and wife and feeding each other the first pieces of the cake. It is then followed by speeches from the groom’s best man and bride’s maid of honor. These receptions are grand and generally burst with music, cake, and cuisines of a different variety.

The Dance

The couple begins this ceremony with a special couple dance, their first dance as a husband and wife. With live band and a song chosen by the couple already, the newly-weds dances together.

Other guests usually dance only after the couple is done.

Christian Wedding Rituals
Christian Wedding Rituals

A Christian wedding is a wedding that anyone dreams of! If you have any story or experience to share, please do share in the comment section below!


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